Sony Xperia Vaio Concept May Actually Happen, Maybe With Windows Phone

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I’ve heard recently a rumor saying that Sony and Microsoft got together to work on a Windows Phone device with the Vaio branding. In the meantime I also found this concept here, created by Alan Garcia and putting the Vaio idea in another context.

Xperia Vaio concept

This Sony Xperia Vaio phone is an Android smartphone with an edge to edge display, probably a 2K unit with a 5+ inch diagonal. We’ve got an ultraslim waistline, a 20 or more megapixel back camera and what looks like a Xenon flash. We’ve also got a pretty good front camera, Android 4.4 KitKat with custom UI and the usual suite of media apps, including Walkman and such.

I’m not sure what the material is here, or what the device is made of. It could be polycarbonate, carbon fiber or even metal. Who’s to tell? The Sony Xperia Vaio may lose the Xperia branding if it goes with Windows Phone instead of Android, but we’ll see how everything works out in 2014. I have to remind you that back in the days Xperia meant Windows Mobile…

[via Alan Garcia]

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