Sony Xperia X1 Concept Requires Sony to Innovate More Within X Series

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Sony brought its A game at MWC 2016 and although nobody expect it, they unveiled a new handset series, the Xperia X one. That name has been used before, but we’ll let that slide. While real innovation was lacking from the design department of the new X models, designer Babak Soren has some ideas to freshen up this product range.

Sony Xperia X1 concept Babak Soren 1

His creation is called Sony Xperia X1 and it’s a device with seriously rounded edges, that make it look like a cylinder from the profile, in Galaxy S7 Edge style. This model keeps the dual speakers and it looks like that cylindrical iPhone patent everybody was talking about a few years ago. The back seems to be metallic and we get a dual camera, an approach made popular by LG and Huawei lately.

Sony Xperia X1 concept Babak Soren 2

That’s probably the way to go and I wonder if Sony is supplying those dual cameras to those companies. It would be time for Sony to play it safe with curve and metal, since that’s a winning bet nowadays. Let’s just hope there’s no overheating and cameras are ace. The desinger claims the X1 has a magnesium body, iris scanner, 2.5D display and keys are integrated within the frame.

Sony Xperia X1 concept Babak Soren 3

[via Babak Soren]

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  • Evita

    Is this an Xperia smarphone? I can’t find Xperia logo on this phone. It should be called Sony X1.

  • Klaus ungar

    Geiles handy es muss nur noch neues design sein aus mettal gehäuse gebaut und ein Quad hd display. 5,7 zoll gruß sein dan ein akku von 3700 mah stark sein mit top hartware. Das concept bild von sony Xperia x1 ist voll geil bitte sony macht es danke

  • raghavabhargav@rsb

    it’s really great design which should be adopted by sony this will be really a big success for if they consider using this design ,they are good at hard ware but the design language aren’t good for which they ahd lost their market share.

  • Raza Shah

    oh nice man