Sony PlayStation Gets Redesigned, With a Throwback to the Original Console; PS5 Incoming?

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The Sony PlayStation remains one of the best selling consoles of the world and it has a huge fanbase. However, my guess is that people may want to finally step away from the design language shown by the PS3 and PS4, which was largely similar. Today we have a PlayStation concept for you that adds some curves.

It also feels like a major throwback to the first Playstation, the PSX. It doesn’t look anything like the PS2, 3 or 4, so that’s why I’m compared it to the first gen unit. The design belongs to Minkyu Kim, who added a big circular area for the disc storage, although the future may leave us without optical support, as 4G and 5G connections are widespread and Internet connection speeds grow.

The side grill may include a vent and the console looks a bit bulky, at least at first sight. Such a big fan/vent area hits at an embedded power source and a smaller charger. The LED lighting is very minimalistic, no longer a stripe, but rather a series of separate dots, lighting in pattern. The ports are pretty discrete and there’s an interesting pattern of holes put in the back of the device, shaped like the famous square, circle and triangle symbols.

It’s still an angular machine, but one with a protruding CD player-like disc area upfront. I found the PS4 corners too sharp, making it prone for accidents around the house, so I’m happy those are gone now. The only bad thing about this concept PlayStation is that I can’t really envision it being used vertically…

[via Yanko Design]

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