Sony Xperia Edge Premium is Here, Curved Edge and All (Video)

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Concept Creator delivered the Sony Xperia Edge Premium concept today, after the teaser you saw a couple of days ago. As suspected, the handset finally gets some curves, on top of that classic Xperia angularity.

The curves appear upfront and the screen has curved sides, as you can see. Another novelty is the dual back camera and although I’m not sure, it also appears that there’s some curving at the back, albeit gentle. Viewing videos is totally immersive, on account of the very narrow bezels. The curve of the screen is slight, not big enough to show any extra items or icons.

Shown in blue, red and gray, the device seems to be made of metal and there’s no glass at the back, as one would have maybe expected. I like the way the back side catches the light, in semi matte fashion, so to say. This actually reminds me more of an Xperia XA, that goes for a similar approach, with very narrow bezel and some curving of the screen.

We get a 4K Display here, an AMOLED panel and 6 GB of RAM, plus a Snapdragon 845 chipset. My estimation? $800 price tag.

[via Concept Creator]

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