Sony Walkman W2022 5G Phone Leaks With a Rectangular Design

It’s shocking for me to think we haven’t had a Sony Walkman phone for a decade and still people dream of a new one. Luckily we have YouTube channel PEACOCK, who delivers a concept for a new angular Walkman, but it’s not a music player, rather a smartphone.

It’s also true that Sony keeps launching expensive music players, with gold contacts and connectors, plus more premium materials, that make the sound better. I’ll be honest, this is a weird phone, with a 5.2 inch Dynamic AMOLED panel, meaning it’s a rather small machine. It also has a 120 Hz refresh rate, an angular design, with a flat top and bottom and slightly curved sides. The Sony Walkman 5G is rather beefy, with a lot of technology crammed into a rather compact package, but also a thick one.

There’s a dual back camera here, a very narrow bezel screen and a set of high end specs. It has IP68 certification, 360 degree audio and lots of side buttons. I had to rub my eyes when I saw the battery capacity: 6500 mAh, but it sounds like a lot for such a small machine. It goes up to 18 GB of RAM and it has a digital amp inside. I particularly enjoy the red color version here, while the beige one is rather basic.

There are audio playback buttons on the side, a 24 MP front camera, Android 13 and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU. The expected price is $1150. Interestingly, while the back side and the sides are basic, when seen from the front, this Walkman Phone looks like something that Essential or Nothing would make.


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