Sony Xperia 10 Concept Is a 4K Display Ultra Slim Machine (Video)

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PHConcepts are back with a fresh concept phone design, the one of the Sony Xperia 10. This device gets a 4K display and an ultraslim body format, looking mighty dandy. It goes with a full screen design approach and we’ll detail it below.

Unlike most modern phones, this one has very discrete buttons, basically slim and small pieces of metal serving that purpose. Speaking of metal, the device is one big metal slab, with two cutouts for the camera at the back. The device actually inaugurates the dual camera approach for Sony and it also doesn’t seem to include any earpiece or front camera.

There’s a 4K display here, which judging by the latest leaks sounds pretty legit to me and we should also get a pretty strong Snapdragon CPU and some new fangled tech. Each big flagship from Sony that came last year brought an extra. The Xperia XZ Premium had the Super Slow Motion and the Xperia XZ1 had 3D Creator. Since this Xperia 10 comes with a dual camera, its novelty should be related to it.

Maybe some next level Bokeh? Or a new type of photo taking?

[via PH Concepts]

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