Sony Xperia 2018 Phone Gets Teased by Concept Creator

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We welcome the end of 2017 with a fresh concept, but not your average concept phone, rather a concept teaser. It’s just known as the “new Sony Xperia teaser” and it comes courtesy of Concept Creator. Let’s see what we can speculate about it.

First of all 2018 should bring us a brand new design from Sony, that may leave the Omnibalance design behind. Angularity should be replaced by something else and narrow bezel 18:9 screens may happen. Judging by the teaser we are still getting an angular and rectangular phone, one that sports a slightly curved front panel and dual back cameras.

The device’s glossy back side makes me think of a glass panel at the back. I see a huge amount of speaker holes at both the bottom and top so a lot of emphasis will be put on acoustics. The Power button also looks rather big, so it probably integrates the fingerprint scanner again. Back to the screen, it takes up a large portion of the facade.

No clear color hue here, just black/gray.

[via Concept Creator]

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