Sony Xperia X Ultra is a Ultra Wide Screen Smartphone, With 21:9 Aspect

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Designer Victor Cao was rendering cool Sony smartphones back in the day when Xperia was young and now he’s back with a fresh concept. It’s an interesting approach that has been rumored to come on the future iPhone, taking the shape of an ultra wide screen. The device is dubbed Sony Xperia X Ultra.

We’re dealing with a midrange smartphone, focused on media consumption. The ultra wide screen with 21:9 aspect is ideal for watching videos, thanks to a more immersive experience. That’s what LG wanted to achieve with 18:9 on the LG G6, but they didn’t go all the way to 21:9. This concept Xperia also uses the brand new 19 MP sensor of the Xperia XZ Premium, with laser autofocus.

The Sony logo has been hidden in the screen and it lights up when you press the power button. This big phablet has a 6.45 inch Full HD screen, as well as dual stereo speakers, feeling like a small cinema in your pocket. It’s a 7.8 mm slim machine, with a 3050 mAh battery (could have been better) and ultra narrow bezels, plus curved edges.

It probably has a polycarbonate shell at the back and also comes with a 13 MP selfie camera. An even more exciting Xperia XZ Ultra has been promised by the same designer for the next days.

[via Victor Cao]

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