HiLo Tablet Concept Involves a Felt Keyboard That Also Acts as a Pouch

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Created by Roni Margolin, the HiLo tablet actually brings up an original idea: how about a tablet pouch that also acts as a keyboard? The device is a 10 inch OLED slate that doesn’t bring anything unusual, while the wireless felt keyboard is the thing that interests me more.

This is more of a jacket than a pouch if you want, that comes with hot pressed circuitry in order to implement the QWERTY keys you see here. The thing is that hopefully this wireless keyboard won’t connect to devices while you walk on the street and accidentally type stuff on it. I guess that a simple On/Off button can solve that.

The tablet uses an aluminum and ABS plastic case, while the keyboard is all felt. The combo weighs 1 kg and the HiLo tablet measures 14mm in thickness, which is quite a lot. However, it’s the originality that impresses.

[via Yanko Design]

  • Plethora

    Interesting design, with the sleeve. However, its just one more piece to lose. Perhaps the red laser projection keyboard would be a better solution, along with whatever case (soft or hard) the user wants. Then, even if you lose the case, you still have the whole unit for functional use.