Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Render is Probably Not Real, but shows a Potential Foldable Phone

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has been a ghost for the past year, leaking several times before the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was unveiled. Afterwards the series was said to be killed off, as it didn’t make sense anymore. Lately we’ve seen some movement in this area, with Xiaomi activating its Mi Mix social page again. And today we also get a leak.

well, I have almost zero faith in the realness of this leak, as you can also see from the score is received on Slashleaks. What has me thinking is that the design shown here is similar to the one shown by a recently leaked Xiaomi patent. We seem to be dealing with a foldable phone, one that emulates the Huawei Mate XS, but doesn’t got all the way. It curves the main external screen towards the back side, but only with a small portion of it bending backwards, not half of the screen.

The rest of the room is spared for a pretty big horizontal camera, the kind of which you don’t see too often nowadays. Samsung used to have horizontal cameras on the Galaxy S10 series and some Note models, but we haven’t seen this approach too much lately. Also, if you look closerly, you notice that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 shown here has quite the camera setup:

  • 150 meggapixel main camera
  • 40 megapixel ultrawide camera
  • 20 MP telephoto camera
  • ToF 3D sensor
  • 120X periscope camera

Some say this is just a Photoshopped Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which it definitely may be. At least, if it’s a foldable, the bezels are narrower than the Huawei Mate XS ones.

via Slashleaks

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