Nokia 7610 5G Gets the 2020 Treatment, With 5 Crazy Cameras

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Since Nokia is really set on bringing back old school phones, why not give the Nokia 7610 a new lease on life? It happened back in 2017, but now things get really hardcore. It keeps the “boomerang” shape, but it gets a stylus and 2021 level specs.

The creation of Peacock Tech, this smartphone is a 5G machine, with a prominent metal frame and a combo of curved and angular design. Bezels are rather big, particularly in the corners, for the sake of the original format. There’s a fingerprint scanner in the screen and there’s also the brand new IP69 certification, letting you go 2 meters deep in water with this handset. The screen is huge, at 6.9 inches with a refresh rate of 244 Hz, which is mint for gaming.

Oddly enough there’s an S Pen mentioned here, even though that’s clearly a Samsung exclusive name. The back camera is a beast, with a periscope shooter and a total of 5 sensors, as well as Zeiss tech. This is the setup:

  • 108 megapixel main camera
  • 25 MP
  • 16 MP
  • 8 MP

There’s also a 44 megapixel front camera, hidden in the top corner, like a Xiaomi Mi Mix would have. Android 11 is present here and the materials are probably glass and metal. The battery goes to 6000 mAh and the price to $799. 55W fast charging is also here and it’s weird to see all this tech crammed into such a slim body. Nicely done concept, by the way, but too bad we don’t know more about the camera.

via Peacock Tech

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