5 Easy Methods to Recover Data from an iPhone in 2021

Whether you are losing data for a genuine reason or not, you need to be able to recover every bit of the data. We have the details to help you recover all the data you lose from your iPhone. 

If you use iPhones, then there are many chances you have been a victim of data loss. Some of the ways you will lose data include accidental deletion, loss to virus or malware, among many other reasons. Fortunately, you can still recover the data lost from your iPhone with data recovery software or some other different methods we are about to discuss here.

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If it is your first time losing data from iPhone, you may be wondering what the best thing to do is. Luckily, we have prepared this article for the same reason. However, if you are looking for ways to restore contacts on iPhone, we have provided the details on a different site. Just click and follow the link provided. Otherwise, read on to learn more ways to recover lost data on iPhone.

Method 1: Retrieve Deleted Files On iPhone With Software On Windows

There are several data recovery software one can use to perform quick and reliable data recovery on iPhone. However, Disk Drill iPhone data recovery from Cleverfiles is preferred by many for some good reasons. It has powerful algorithms with an easy-to-use interface. Besides, it can recover deleted photos, videos, messages, emails, contacts, and other information off iPhones. It is, therefore, one of the top software to use if you want your data recovery experience to be superb.

One of the best iPhone recovery software, Disk Drill scans through iPhone to recover lost files without skipping any. We have included a small section to help you download, install and utilize the software for your iPhone data recovery need. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the official website, download and install Disk Drill to your iPhone. Launch it and select “Recover from iOS Device.”

Step 2: Now plug the iPhone into the Windows PC and tap “Yes” if the iPhone asks if you trust this computer. Enter the unlocking code.

Step 3: Select the data types you intend to retrieve by checking the boxes. Click “Scan” to start the process. 

Step 4: Preview the files and choose the ones you intend to recover by checking the boxes. Then tap “Recover” to restore the selected files. 

Method 2: Retrieve Data From The iPhone Backup

This should be your second the best option to retrieve lost data on your iPhone. You should, however, pay close attention to the age of your backups. If you just lost information, check the most recent backups. Here’s what to do. 

Step 1: Launch Finder.

Step 2: Link the iPhone to your computer. 

Step 3: Select the iPhone from the list of devices on the left. 

Step 4: Tap’ Restore iPhone” in the General tab.

Step 5: Allow Finder to back up the iPhone data before restoring.

Step 6: Tap “Restore” to confirm that you are ready to restore the backed-up files.

Method 3: Retrieve Data With iTunes Backup

If the data was initially backed up on iTunes, you could quickly recover deleted files. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Update to the latest iTunes (iTunes 12.7) on your PC. Open iTunes.

Step 2: Link the iPhone to your computer using an original Apple cable.

Step 3: Choose your iPhone when it appears in the popup. 

Step 4: Select Restore Backup from the summary section. Ensure you turn on the “Find My iPhone” feature is turned off. 

Step 5: Choose a backup and tap “Restore.”

Method 4: Restore Data on iPhone From iCloud Backup

If you lost the data after baking them on iCloud, follow the steps below to restore them. 

Step 1: Open “Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.” Be sure you had previously backed up the data on iCloud.

Step 2: Return to “Settings,” then “General,” and “Reset.” Tap “Erase all content and settings & rdquo.”

Step 3: Open “Apps & Data” and click “Restore from iCloud Backup.” Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID to move to the next step.

Step 4: Choose the most appropriate Backup and start the data recovery for smartphone. 

Method 5: Retrieve Deleted Files On iPhone With Software On Mac

If you cannot get back your data on iPhone with the four methods we have discussed already, the best chance we have left is to use Disk Drill iPhone Recovery. Here are the steps to follow. 

Step 1: Open the .dmg file and drag the Disk Drill application to the Application’s folder on your Mac’s hard drive.

Step 2: Link the iPhone to the computer and tap “Yes” if prompted to confirm that you trust the device. Enter the unlocking code to continue. 

Step 3: Close all the open programs on the Mac.

Step 4: Launch Disk Drill and click “Recover” on the row with the iPhone you intend to recover files from. Enter the iPhone’s encryption password if prompted. Wait for the software to finish searching your files. Avoid using the Mac.

Step 5: Review the results at the end of the scan and select the ones you need to restore. Tap “Restore” to restore lost contacts on your phone, among other types of data.

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