Progress or Degradation: What Does Smartphone Dependence Lead To?

The smartphone was developed in the mid-2000s and since then, its use has grown worldwide. Nearly two-thirds of the global population own a smartphone and communication today is easier. A smartphone user can use it to take photos, share them online, connect to the internet, make calls, SMS, take online courses, etc. 

It is a highly portable gadget that a user can take with them anywhere, anytime. Today, smartphone users depend on their gadgets to make a long list of things. The big questions in the minds of experts are whether the smartphone is leading to progress or degradation. 

Business progress

Many businesses today are using smartphones to advance their business campaigns. Already, there is a need for mobile analytics for business owners to help them advance new ways to reach customers. 

A large portion of customers is using smartphones and businesses take the opportunity to market their products. They use social media to promote products through social media marketers, influencers, applications, and paid advertisements. 

Some businesses appreciate the invention of the smartphone because they have grown more due to smartphone marketing strategies. Looking into the business world, mobile phone dependence is leading to progress in a big way. 

The risks on the road

According to a leading research site where you can ask someone who can write your essay or take up some research, the police department is dealing with a new wave of accidents resulting from the use of a smartphone. According to the department, smartphone users get tempted to text, receive calls, watch a video, or check chat. While driving, driving, a driver’s eyes and mind should be on the road. Both hands should be on the steering wheel for safe driving.

Smartphone use while driving makes a driver distracted. Their need to use their eyes to check messages on their phone and at the same time drive. Their mind wanders away from the road and they drive using one hand while the other works on the phone. The probability for a drover to cause an accident due to smartphone use is very high. 

Improved learning

Experts at say that most students at any schooling level own a smartphone and they carry their phones to school. Curriculum developers and entrepreneurs have realized the potential in using smartphones and have developed mobile-friendly applications for students. 

Students today can take entire course lessons on their smartphones. Teachers have many times used the smartphone to distribute class subjects or give homework to students. Many startups have invested in EdTech to promote smooth learning. 

Younger learners access game-based lessons. They listen to teaching songs, while older students learn complex lessons through their smartphones. In the education sector, the smartphone is leading progress. 

Smartphone addiction

The younger generation embraced the use of the smartphone earlier than the older generation. Regrettably, the younger generation is currently dealing with a more complex challenge. Many smartphone users spend a lot of time on their gadgets and have become addicted to them.

The health sector is handling a large number of psychiatric patients due to their over-dependence on smartphones. Parents are dealing with a generation that is spending too much time on their smartphones until they can no longer take care of themselves. 

There is a big challenge of depression affecting families, with some family members dropping out from school and others who can no longer work. The families are torn in between because, on one hand, the smartphone has brought progress but on the other, all they see is degradation.

The information age is progressing

The current generation can be called a generation of information because they receive fresh information as it’s happening from around the world. The smartphone has a camera that can take photos and shoot videos. If there is something of interest happening in a company, on the road, in a family, or any other place, someone with a smartphone can shoot a video or take photos and post them online instantly. 

Someone else miles away easily accesses the information by simply connecting to the internet. It is possible to watch live news on TV using a smartphone and be updated on what is happening around the world. People update each other through social media or post news on news channels to keep what is trending on top. The world is in another era where news reaches its target fast and in real-time. In the news industry, the smartphone is leading to progress. 

Cybersecurity threat

To most users, the smartphone is everything from a communication device to a storage device, banking, and marketing device. Users connect their bankers through banking apps to access and manage a bank account on their phones. 

They store their photos, videos, and passwords on the same smartphone and access the internet. They download applications from unknown sources and install them on their smartphones. The biggest challenge they go through is cyber security threats because the passwords can easily be compromised. 

A smartphone user can lose all their money in the bank account or other digital wallets if someone steals their data stored on a smartphone. It is easy to lose a smartphone and if its password is not strong, someone else can easily access all their data, especially contacts, and use them in a bad way. 

Impact on the environment

The materials used to manufacture smartphones are dug from the earth. In some of the nations where the important raw materials are mined, there have been prolonged wars and conflicts and thousands of lives have been lost. Once the minerals have been depleted, the land is left bare with huge open mines. Some of the destruction caused can never be recovered.

From the mines, the materials go to the factories, and during transportation, whether by ship, rail, air, or road, the vehicles or craft use fossil fuels which emit a lot of carbon into the air causing environmental destruction.

The factory emits smoke too, which makes the situation worse. The smartphone reaches the hands of the users but a few years down the line, the phone dies and finds its way into the landfills, rivers, lakes, etc. The impact on the environment is huge when measured at the global level. To the environment, smartphone addiction is leading to degradation.


Smartphone users worldwide have grown to a level wherein, in some countries, two people own a smartphone out of every three. Smartphone addiction is a trend that is worrying psychologists and many health experts due to the rising number of smartphone users seeking help from health experts. The education sector appreciates the use of the gadget because it is improving the learning experience. Businesses are at the height of progress thanks to the smartphone. On one hand, it has brought progress, while on the other, it is degradation. 

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