Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Data From An iPhone

iPhones have become daily utility devices, and most people use them to store and transfer data and other forms of communication. However, like any other device, they are liable to data loss in many ways. 

Some of the ways people lose data from iPhone are accidental deletion, corrupted files, phone damage, virus attack, etc. But can you recover the data you have lost from an iPhone? We have prepared this article to help you understand whether it is possible to recover deleted data from iPhones or not. 

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There are quite several tools in the market today that claim to have the ability to recover deleted data from iPhones. Some of the claims they make include recovering deleted data, water damage, broken, etc. Besides, some other tools reservedly claim that they can “Selectively recover iPhone data from iTunes, iCloud, and internal memory.”

For instance, here are some of the ways to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. Whether these claims are valid or whether the tools work to the expectation of users, the answer is complicated. That’s precisely why we have prepared this article. 

Data Recovery Claims

Many data recovery companies have become so bold that they make so many claims to recover deleted files on iPhone. For instance, some companies claim to have the ability to recover data lost due to deletion, device loss, etc. Other claims may be valid, though based on what we have discussed already.

In reality, no third-party software will extract a permanently deleted file. Besides, a specialized data recovery lab may try to revive the phone and copy back your data. But this will be a trial, and you may end up paying for attempts without results. You can read some of the claims from this list of the best iPhone data recovery software.

iCloud Backup And End-to-end Encryption 

Ideally, some of the claims are not necessarily a lie. Some third-party data recovery software can try downloading your data from iCloud backup. But this will only happen if you had previously backed up your data in iCloud before you accidentally deleted them. Contrarily, this may not be very possible due to the end-to-end encryption.

Limited iCloud Storage

Also, Apple only gives you up to 5GB of space for free Storage. If this space fills up, your new photos and other data will not back up on iCloud unless you purchase extra Storage. You can also use third-party cloud storage providers such as Google Photos or OneDrive to extend your data backing. 

Deleted Data Recovery

In iPhone, nearly all the user files are encrypted. The file system uses file-based encryption with very unique and separate keys for every individual file. If you delete a file, the key is temporarily destroyed. This makes it difficult to “undelete” such files even with some of the top iPhone data recovery software. 

Some files are still, however, recoverable. This may be because they are not deleted, or they are just not files. 

Photos And Videos 

If you deal with photos and videos, recovering them on your iPhone after deletion is much easier. This is because deleted pictures on the iPhone are not deleted but moved to a unique album – the “Recently Deleted” folder. The photos stay in the album for about 30 days and can be quickly recovered during this time.


iMessages and text messages are generally stored in the SQLite format. SQLite does overwrite records immediately when they are deleted. Instead, it marks them as “deleted.” These records, therefore, only become unused and are stored on the “freelist.” 

Until the records are defragmented, you can still successfully perform deleted text messages recovery. This is, however only possible if you are using iOS11 or lower. From iOS 12 and newer versions, all the deleted records are entirely wiped, making it very difficult to restore. 

Bookmarks & History 

Similar to messages, deleted Safari bookmarks go to the HomeDomain/Library/Safari? Bookmarks.DB database available in SQLite format. They are therefore available for recovery. However, you can only recover from SQLite databases up to iOS 12 and not iOS 13 or later. 

Also, deleted history goes to the safari/Library/Safari/History.DB SQLite database. However, if you are using iOS 12 or later, this recovery will not be available.

So, Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone?

Yes, deleted data recovery is possible. Like we already mentioned, if you backed up data on iCloud or other cloud providers, the best way to recover them after they are deleted is to connect your Apple account and use the Photos app. You can easily do that on both Mac and Windows PC with Disk Drill by CleverFiles. 

Also, if you need to restore lost data, e.g., photos only restore, you can import them to the computer without using third-party software. This would be much easier if you had previously paired the iPhone with your PC. Otherwise, you will need iTunes backups to recover text messages and other forms of data.

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