Apple Airpods Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew before Now

For many people, the Apple AirPods are a lifesaver. They are a necessity that has come to stay and have revolutionized what earphones should look like and function. Each generation of AirPods is better than the last, and as the Apple brand continues to grow worldwide, the use of AirPods is also increasing worldwide.

While millions of people use these AirPods, few know the essential hacks that make them even more functional. If you’re one of such people, or you’re utterly new to AirPods, here are some tricks that you should know.

  1. Use one pod when you’re in a pinch.

Ideally, your AirPods last for several hours after each charge. However, you may still somehow find yourself in a situation where you’re in a pinch and have to use them minimally. In this situation, the trick is to use only one pod and leave the other one inside the charging case.

Then you can swap them when the need arises. This ensures that it lasts longer.

  1. Let Siri do the work.

Since you have the latest OS, you can make Siri read your new messages to your ears through your Airpods, and it does this with your voice. Once you’ve listened to the messages, you may decide to reply to the message using a voice command as well.

With the latest Apple AirPods models, you can summon Siri by simply saying the “Hey Siri” command. In addition, if there are additional tasks that you would like to do, such as increase the volume of what you are listening to, change the song, or ask for a weather forecast, you can ask Siri to do all of these for you through your AirPods.

  1. Connect your pods to your other devices easily.

Airpod users tend to connect their pods to other devices such as their iPad, Apple Watch, and Macbook simultaneously, apart from their iPhone. Airpods switch audio automatically between these devices, but there are some occasions when you want to use the pods to listen to audio from your iPad or Mac.

The trick to making the transition effortless is to pair the pods with your iPhone first. In this process, you will connect the pods to your Apple account, and this will enable the buds to work seamlessly for all your other Apple devices.

You can switch up devices by opening Control Center (swipe up on iPhone 8 and older devices or swipe the home screen down on iPhone X and newer models). Then press down the audio card at the top right corner of Music, and choose which device you are using.

  1. Track your lost pod

It’s very easy to lose your AirPods, and they are pretty expensive to replace. So the ideal thing to do is follow the normal routine of placing them back in the charging case when you are done using them. However, we all know this would not always happen. That’s why they are so easy to lose. So you must take precautionary steps in case you lose them.

If your phone has the “Find my iPhone” feature and you’ve paired the device with your pods, then you can easily use this feature to find your AirPods when any or both of them are lost. To find your missing pods, go to Settings on your iPhone and click on your name. Then click on “Find My” to enable the Find My iPhone feature and Send Last Location.

  1. Determine your caller without checking

Thanks to Siri, you only need to have your AirPods on you to know who’s calling you without checking your phone. You can enable this feature on your device by going to iPhone Settings, tapping on the phone, and Announce Calls. Then select Always.

  1. Use your pods with other non-Apple devices.

Many people think that AirPods are exclusive to Apple devices, and it is understandable that they think so. In reality, though, they are not exclusively for Apple products. You can also use them with other non-Apple products. For example, they can be used with Android devices and other iOS that are not logged into any iCloud account.

How to do this?

Leave the AirPods within the closed case, then open the lid and press down or long-press the pairing button behind the case. Then go to the other device and open the Bluetooth settings. Finally, confirm pairing by selecting the Airpod in the pairing list.

  1. Use your AirPods as a makeshift hearing aid.

This is an uncommon trick but comes in handy for you if you’ve ever had some difficulty hearing other people during a discussion. You can use your AirPods as a hearing aid. This is a feature that Apple introduced with the iOS 12, and it’s called Live Listen. Once you set up this feature on your iPhone, then you can place the device close to the person or people you are conversing with, and you will get clearer audio of the conversation in your airpod.

You can set this feature in your iPhone by going to Settings and opening the Control Center. Then you choose Customize Controls and click on the plus sign close to Hearing. Then, when you are reading put the pods inside your ears, swipe down on your home screen (iPhone X and newer models) or tap the gear icon (on iPhone 8 and older models). Then click Live Listen.


I’m sure you already enjoy using your Apple AirPods even without these tricks. However, you can use them even better and enjoy the full value for your money with these tricks. So now you can maximize and make the most of your pods’ abilities.

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