Apple iHome Concept Deals With Home Automation in Small Sizes

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Martin Hajek has rendered yet another charming Apple concept, this time the iHome, a home automation remote control of sorts. It looks like a very short and stubby iPhone, or like a very wide iPod nano. It also has a slight vibe of iWatch without the belt…

apple ihome concept 1

Anyway, while some of you may see the iPhone as the perfect remote for your house, this device is actually it. It can set up the thermostat, tweak the energy consumption, turn on/off the lights or set them a different pattern and also deals with house safety. Finally, there’s a music player control on it. The screen displays the total power usage of your house in Watt and the current temperature.

I’m guessing notifications are also available on the iHome gizmo and they can easily be pushed to your iPad or iPhone. For some reason there’s a Touch ID sensor on board and we also have a bunch of speakers at the bottom, if I’m not mistaking. The design is a bit bulky and the device is rounded at the corners and has metallic edges. A front camera has been included, as well as WiFi connectivity, obviously.

What do you say? Is this viable? This would make for a fine baby monitor if you ask me…

apple ihome concept 2

apple ihome concept 3

apple ihome concept 4

apple ihome concept 5

apple ihome concept 6

[via Martin Hajek]

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