Apple iPad 4 Designed by Bob Freking; Yes, Already!

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While we’ve got our hands full with iPad Mini speculations and Apple has just confirmed an event for its launch on October 23rd, Bob Freking is already thinking about the iPad 4. Not only thinking, but also doing, since he created a concept of the future generation Apple tablet, that you can see below.

The iPad 4 brings colored cases, borrowing from the flavours of new iPods, plus it keeps the 9.7 inch diagonal size and the widescreen Retina Display idea. It’s powered by the Apple A6 processor from the iPhone 5, making everything work faster and smoother. The cameras have also been upgraded and get the same flash as the iPhone 5 and better 13 megapixel optics. Another thing he improved was the thickness, since the iPad 3 was a bit bulky.

So, as you may have expected the jump in specs isn’t huge, the design is pretty much the same and I doubt Apple would change the design of the main iPad for the years to come. Now, the iPad Mini is an entirely different story, one that will be told starting next Tuesday. Any expectations for that? Buying the product?

[Thanks Bob Freking]