Apple QuickTake Concept Camera Take 32 Megapixel Shots, 1080p Videos

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We’ve seen an Apple camera concept before, but this model is also interesting, as it comes with all the details one needs to know about it. The design here involves glass and recycled aluminum and you must know that the Apple QuickTake has a very long battery life and its GUI looks like the one of the iPad. This design was created by Joseph Dumary, a name you’ve surely heard on our website before.

The Quicktake is considered the first smart digital camera and it comes with a microphone that can record HD sound, while eliminating extra noise. There’s also Voice Control enabled so you can take pictures just by saying things. The camera lens supports 32 megapixel pics, 1080p videos without compression and this is the first rotating camera lens in the world. There’s an Eyefocus+ feature in the vide mode, that can target someone by reproducing the effect of the human eyes and create an incredible focus effect.

This Apple camera’s modes include a slow motion one, 3D panorama mode, HDR, 60 fps burst mode, image stabilization, eye tracking and more. This device uses LED flash units, that operate independently from one another and deliver perfect photos and videos, even in low light. The screen on the camera is a Retina Mini Cinema HD touchscreen with IPS technology,, that’s extra wide and supports 360 degree swiveling. The camera also comes with GPS, WiFi, Airprint, Airplay, Photobooth, Edi models, YouTube upload and Flickr.

[via Yanko Design]