Apple Watch Series 7 Leaked in Renders; Here’s What’s New

There’s a big leak we missed over the past week and it involves the Apple Watch Series 7. The device is expected to drop either next month at WWDC 2021 or in the Fall with the iPhone 13. Tipster Jon Prosser teamed up with Ian Zelbo, concept artist and came up with the renders below.

It’s apparently time for a redesign right now and the flat edges of the iPhone 12 will translate into the new Apple Watch. Showcased in green, blue, red, black and white, the device keeps the same 1.57 inch screen on the smaller 40 mm model and gets a 1.78 inch screen on the 44 mm version. The screen remains slightly curved and continues the curve till it meets the frame. Apple is also said to be bringing an optical sensor that measures blood sugar and there’s even talk of a blood alcohol level measurement.

Blood pressure would also be nice to measure here. An Apple S7 chipset should enable new features related to fitness, breathing, sleep and other metrics. It’s important to mention that in the 7 years of the Apple Watch’s existence there’s only been two designs, the original one and the Series 4 one started in 2018. In spite of the flat edges, the screen needs to have curved glass, in order to better resist impacts. The back part also needs to be slightly curved, in order not to dig into your wrist.

Prosser talked about one color in particular for the Apple Watch Series 7, a shade of green inspired by the green AirPods Max. A refresh is definitely due.

via Jon Prosser

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