Crazy Theory: iPhone 7 Will Look Like the iPhone 4; Ivo Maric Shows Us How (Video)

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It appears that returning to roots is something that only a company with the name of a fruit could do. Well, we can’t say for sure if the iPhone 7 will look like the iPhone 4, but that theory has been buzzing on the web, especially after the iPhone 7 concept below appeared. Rendered by Ivo Maric and Tomislav Rastovac, the handset has a very interesting vibe.

iPhone 7 render Ivo Maric 2015 1

It features wireless charging and sync, plus a brand new camera and once again a glass cover. To make that more clear, there’s 2.5D glass at both the front and back side. The chamfered metal edge can also be seen here and while the look is a premium one, it strays from the current direction of the product. The back hosts a 16 megapixel camera with 4K recording, which sounds good for a 2016 product, although it’s usually the iPhone “s” models that do the camera upgrade.

iPhone 7 render Ivo Maric 2015 2

This iPhone 7 concept feels like it has a metal bumper case around a lifted glass area, which certainly reminds me of the iPhone 4 generation. Ivo Maric is best known these days for his very realistic Galaxy Note 5 concepts, so we have faith in his vision. I’m not sure how backtracking would be received by Apple fans, especially since the direction followed here kind of intersects with that of Samsung right now…

iPhone 7 render Ivo Maric 2015 3

iPhone 7 render Ivo Maric 2015 4

iPhone 7 render Ivo Maric 2015 5

[via Slashgear and Ivo Maric]

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