New iPhone 5 Design, Created by Michal Bonikowski

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We’ve seen so many iPhone 5 concepts that we can’t keep track of them, but now here’s a new one made by Michal Bonikowski. This new model doesn’t bring much of a change to the iPhone 4 and its design reminds me quite a bit of a combo between the iPad 2 and somehow the HTC HD7.

This iPhone 5 is an all metal handset, with an aluminum case, steel frame and most likely a Retina Display with a diagonal increase. Also, we learn that the key features have moved on from mechanical to sensory. I guess that only in September we’ll know how close Michal was to the real thing, but till then we have this concept to glance at.

I have to mention that it’s one of the few models not to adopt the edge to edge display idea, that has been extremely popular recently on iPhone concepts.

[via Yanko Design]