iPhone 7 Curved Metal Concept Enters Deviantart Competition

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After being suffocated with so many Microsoft Lumia concept phones, it’s time for a good old iPhone 7 render. Created by Deviantart user abdoubouam as an entry into a Motion Community competition, this iPhone brings a few original traits to the table.


The designer claims he isn’t a big fan of iPhone, but he gave the handset a try anyway. The result is a smartphone that has the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 and it features a curved screen and body, so it would fit better in the back pocket. The screen continues down beyond the Home button and that extra area can be customized with shortcuts and such.

The back is made of brushed aluminum and just like many other iPad or iPhone concepts it features a glowing apple logo. The handset comes with a pair of speakers at the bottom, as well as an USB 3.0 port. The designer used Blender 2.75.1 and Cycles to make this iPhone 7 concept and required 3 hours of work time. The result is a slim and sleek metal smartphone, but sadly the back camera area has not been carefully crafted.

[via Deviantart]

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