iPhone 7 is Imagined With Just the Right Features: Wireless Charging, Slimmer Design and 2K Display (Video)

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Now that the iPhone 6s is official, we can already dream about the iPhone 7, that’s rendered below. This model was designed by SCAVids (Sahanan Yogarasa) for ConceptsiPhone.

iPhone 7 concept scavids 1

The iPhone 7 is an ultraslim metal unit, with an edge to edge 2K Retina display, front facing speakers and an 8 megapixel front camera. Somehow the Power button has been enlarged and at the bottom there’s an USB Type C port. The main camera design has changed drastically and the cam is now center placed and has a black highlight around it. I was shocked to see that there are 3 capacitive buttons below the screen.

iPhone 7 concept scavids 2

There’s a Back, Home and Menu button, which certainly doesn’t feel like Apple. The color choices are interesting: red, gold and blue, with very glossy approach. Aside from the dual front speakers, the 2K Retina display is probably the biggest evolution here. Also wireless charging is demoed in one of the videos below. This feels more to me like a future Samsung phone, rather than iPhone…

iPhone 7 concept scavids 3

iPhone 7 concept scavids 4

iPhone 7 concept scavids 5

iPhone 7 concept scavids 6

[via SCAVids]

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