Andromeda Epsilon Smartphone Official Presentation Created by Jermaine Smit (Video)

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Remember the Andromeda Epsilon project, with a concept handset that you could fund yourself? Well, after the first renders, we’re back with one more set and a finalized video. Jermaine Smit is behind this project and there’s also a crowdfunding initiative going on here.

Andromeda Epsilon concept phone final 1

If you contribute, you can win one of these Andromeda Epsilon handsets. This time, the designer focused on a brand new camera app and camera UI. He draws inspiration from the Lumia devices, through those semicircular collections of options. The core use method here is to simply put your finger on the video recording shutter button then slide to the side and you’ll see all the required options.

Andromeda Epsilon concept phone final 2

The Picture mode gets the same treatment. Ryan Borel and Jermaine Smit, who are responsible with the project claim the ideal setup for this smartphone involves a dual battery combo. There’s a core 500 mAh unit that’s non removable and a 3500 mAh piece, which I find to be very interesting. It feels a bit like the combo of the gasoline and electric engine cars.

The handset also gets 4K recording, RAW capture and specialized OIS, by the way.

Andromeda Epsilon concept phone final 3

Andromeda Epsilon concept phone final 4

Andromeda Epsilon concept phone final 5

[via Jermaine Smit and Ryan Borel]

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