Now That’s How You Make a Coca Cola Phone!

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I’ve seen the Pepsi Phone and I was like “meh”, then I saw the Coca Cola phone and I was like “fine”, but today we finally came across a good Coca Cola concept phone. Created by Junguk Shin and Kyungmin Oh from South Korea, this model bases its whole design on the evolution of Coke bottles and cans over the years.

Coca Cola smartphone Junguk Shun concept 1

Created using the tools Rhinoceros and Keyshot, the smartphone is meant to mimic the gesture of knocking glasses in a toast. This handset comes with a metal body, an elegant one, that’s slimmer in the middle and a bit curved outwards at the bottom and top. The Coca Cole phone’s color hues imitate the colors of the Coke varieties, like Cherry, Origin, Diet and Zero.


There’s even a smart stylus in the mix, designed to feel like the straw used to drink Coke. The Home button was designed modelling it after the Coca Cola bottle cap and all the interactions with the screen and body have a special feedback to remind you of Coke products. The straw shaped smart pen has a special slot at the top.

Coca Cola smartphone Junguk Shun concept 3


Coca Cola smartphone Junguk Shun concept 5

[via Behance]

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