Liam Quinn’s Phone Design Gets Tweaked, Finished

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Liam Quinn has shown us a very neat phone design a while back and now this concept phone has been finished, so it’s time to check it out again. Also, we get more details on the handset’s specifications. Liam mentions that the phone got a couple of exterior buttons (on/off/lock and camera) as a novelty and the flashes got tweaked.


This concept phone runs Android and comes with 2 full touchscreen displays, sliding buttons at the front and a camera at the back with dual LED and/or Xenon flash, plus concertina optical zoom. The sliding buttons we’ve mentioned can move independently or as one piece and the middle slider is able to change function depending on the app you’re using, or the mode of handset (movie, music etc).

Also, we learn that this device is modular, as it comes in more versions and parts can be mixed and matched from each other. For example, the basic no camera version of the phone can get a 12 megapixel camera upgrade with OLED display, by attaching the needed part on the back side.


The lower end version of Liam Quinn’s phone comes with a basic keyboard (non touch), that can be upgraded to a full touchscreen keyboard, if the user wants to. The basic handset packs 8GB of internal memory, but you can upgrade it to 60GB and even replace the battery, tweaking the device in many ways.

So, you’ll start off with a basic low end phone and keep buying parts till you get a very hot smartphone with a 12 megapixel camera and 60GB of memory… How cool is that? Looking forward to checking out new designs from Lian Quinn. What do you say about this first concept of the promising designer?


[Thanks Liam]