Portal 6 Inch Flexible Screen Smartphone Feels Like Something a Futuristic Soldier Would Wear

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I keep seeing details about the Portal flexible screen smartphone project on Google+ for the past days and I have to cover it. This one is a simple Indiegogo project that has gone viral and somehow the Indigegogo link associated to it is not available anymore.

Portal flexible screen smartphone 1

Anyway, we’re dealing with the Portal 6 inch smartphone, that uses a flexible screen and slides into a custom arm cradle. This means it takes up quite a bit of arm space, which is not something everyone digs. This is an Android powered tech sleeve, that offers 64 GB of storage, four cameras and the 6 inch flexible organic TFT display mentioned before. The whole body can be wrapped up and stored into your backpack or purse.

Portal has Kevlar at the outside, comes with 2 GB of RAM, all the modern sensors, NFC, Bluetooth, LTE and wireless charging. Inside it there’s a flexible 3200 mAh battery, plus the flexible bracelet phone is waterproof and shatterproof. How do you like this piece of wonder?

Portal flexible screen smartphone 2

Portal flexible screen smartphone 3

Portal flexible screen smartphone 4

Portal flexible screen smartphone 5

Portal flexible screen smartphone 6

[via CNET]

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