Steampunk Mobile Phone Would Make a Great Prop in Bioshock

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Not sure who created this concept phone (designer page here actually), but this steampunk handset looks really hot. It has a physical keyboard under the hood and it’s basically a flip phone that opens up horizontally.

steampunk phone concept

It looks like the kind of metal box people used to stash their tobacco or cigarettes back in the day. It’s probably covered in silver or aluminum and there’s that extra watch-style ring at the end to make it look classy. The screen is probably a monochrome unit, displaying only a few lines of text and we’ve also got a speaker inside that would rather fit a fixed phone from the 1990s.

There’s also a cut little clock integrated within the case and something I believe to be a camera. To me this looks like a steampunk version of the Nokia Communicator, judging by the format. This would sell for at least $500 or even $1000 in a special auction.

[Via Twitter]

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