Stix Concept Phone, for An Active and Healthy Life

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Cyrene Quiamco not only designed the cool Kard concept phone and the Dot Phone, but also something more sporty, the Stix concept handset, that got pictured below. This is a device for people with active and healthy lifestyles, since it uses kinetic energy for charging.


Walk, run or just shake Stix in order to recharge it, which won’t be difficult, because the phone is small and comes with low power consumption. You’ll be able to attach the handset to your belt clip, purse strap or wrist, for better exposure to kinetic energy.

The Stix concept phone incorporates a camera, a projector, a touch sensitive LCD strip, a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. There’s also a GPS on board, voice dialing support and the projector will make available a virtual keyboard, for easier use. The fact that you can wrap the phone around your wrist suggests that it’s a flexible device.




[via Product Design Forums]