Tabelit Gadget Concept, Ideal for People With Learning Disabilities

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Lately, we’ve made a habit out of showing you phones or gadgets for the visually impaired or for deaf users. Now, there’s a new niche to cover: people with learning disabilities and there’s a gadget for that purpose, too: Tabelit, a concept device that’s in fact a learning toy.


It’ll help the users paint by pushing buttons with different color patterns, in order to express creativity. Tabelit was created by designer Trudy Cheung and it uses 5 different layers, plus two mini speakers for sound output. There’s a sidebar on the left incorporating a light up touch strip, allowing the user to slide his fingers on it to select a color.

Random shapes will appear on this tablet-like device and users will learn them by pressing the corresponding button for each shape. The confirmation will come as a special rewarding sound, with each recognised shape. Multiplayer is also supported on Tabelit, creating a social network of people with learning disabilities and helping them develop and evolve.






[via Tuvie]