Upside Down Concept Computer Has a 360 Degree Hinge, Touchscreen and Detachable Format

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If you’re bored with the typical concept phones, today we have for you something different. I’m talking about the Upside Down concept computer, that has been rendered by Andrea Margone and proposes a more lightweight PC format.

The variation of formats used by this device is totally impressive and it can be turned into a laptop, a tablet, a workstation tablet and a desktop, too. It relies on a 360 degree hinge, a touchscreen and a trackpad, that has a detachable keyboard beneath it. Upside Down is more than your average convertible laptop or detachable machine, so you can detach the keyboard and use the trackpad as a prop stand.

It has its very own stylus, by the way, which makes it great for graphical designers. You can use this machine as a typical laptop, as a notebook or tablet, but also as a workstation, with keyboard taken apart and the device inclined at the ideal angle for editing and drawing. When you want to watch a movie, just get rid of all the components use the screen to watch it.

The keyboard also seems to detach from the main body and base. I can’t help but wonder where the CPU and RAM are stored…

[via Yanko Design]

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