Windows Phone Ornella Should Teach Nokia Some Lessons

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The following smartphone concept is created by Deviantart user Sharkurban (Retovona Michael) and it looks like the perfect combo between an iPhone and the Zune. Well, maybe the back design is a bit too much like the iPad’s form factor, but the front is original and spectacular. The lack of true display edges makes me think of ClearBlack technology, so that’s why I said Nokia should pay attention.

Known as Ornella, this Windows Phone device seems to have a 3.8 to 4.2 inch display (I’m guessing) and it comes with the usual keys for WP use, but they seem to be touch ones. We have a camera at the back that looks like HTC material, if you analyze the design and we’ve also got 4G connectivity on this model, as shown on screen. I’m guessing that Windows Phone 8 Apollo runs on this handset and that there’s a dual core 1.5 GHz CPU inside. Once again, these are all my speculations.

Can’t really tell if there’s a front camera here, of it the designer can fit one onto the device… This phone tends to feel a bit too sleek and compact for the user’s hand, so one may feel like dropping it when swiping to the left and right in Metro UI. Do you fancy the Windows Phone Ornella concept?

[via Deviantart]