Huawei Nexus Concept Finalized by Jermaine Smit, Also Gets a Detailed Video

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We knew that Jermaine Smit was working on a Huawei Nexus concept phone, based on the @OnLeaks renders and leaks and now the device has been finalized. It’s also been bundled with a video, that can be watched below.

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 1

There are quite a few elements in common with the LG Nexus 2015 concept, like the front dual speakers, or the USB Type C port for example. The two are also rumored to share the Snapdragon 820 CPU and 4 GB of RAM, but let’s talk design. So we’re dealing with a device that has a metal case, with a separate plastic area for the camera at the back.

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 2

The body has a variable thickness, between 6.6 mm and 8.5 mm, bulkier in the camera area. Its back feels typical for a Huawei and looks a bit like an iPhone back. It’s also interesting to note that Jermaine Smit calls this the Huawei Nexus 6, in spite of rumors referring to it more like a Huawei Nexus 5 2015. Anyway, the newcomer looks better in white and has a discrete fingerprint scanner placed a few millimeters below the camera area.

I’m surprised by how small the camera lens is…

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 3

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 4

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 5

Huawei Nexus concept Jermaine Smit 6

[via Jermaine Smit]

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