LG Auki Bracelet Phone Is Colorful and Elegant

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Gwen Frederic decided to give the ladies something nice to wear on their wrists this summer: a bracelet phone. The result is the LG Auki smartphone concept, that can be wrapped around the wrist, thanks to its flexible structure. This model uses a flexible spine as the main piece, plus a touchscreen surface and solar panels.

That’s right, the LG concept phone charges with the aid of the sun and you can find its battery on the inside, fueled by the star in our galaxy. LG Auki is an eco-friendly phone, with the ability to have the screen shift to standby mode, n order to save energy. No memory storage is used on the unit, instead relying on cloud services to store songs, documents, videos and everything you need. The cloud’s the future after all…

There’s also a nifty notification system, that when used with a reminder for example, it will make a certain event become more and more visible on the bracelet as the time of its start approaches. You can also change the look of the device through wallpapers, that can fit the user’s mood and preferences. WiFi is also incorporated and it turns out that the Auki can also guide you through cooking and following a recipe. It’ll also guide you vocally while exercising.

[via Design Buzz]