Microsoft Watch Concept Focuses on Windows 10 Smartwatch Experience (Video)

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I am still amazed by the fact that we have seen so many Apple watch concepts and also some Android models, but very few watches with Windows have been rendered. Today we get a fresh device of this kind, a Microsoft Watch concept, that’s more of a Windows 10 for smartwatch concept. Rendered by Gregory UL, the watch can be seen below.

Windows 10 smartwatch concept 1

The design draws heavy inspiration from the Apple Watch, but seems to change the format a bit. The crown button is basically the same with the one of the Apple Watch. As far as software goes, I still claim that Windows Phone and Windows in general is a good fit for the small screen of a smartwatch. The tiles are big and easy to press and they can reveal all the info the user needs.

Windows 10 smartwatch concept 2

There’s a beautiful Start screen on this flavour of Windows 10 for watches. We’ve got apps with minimalist design, rethought for smartwatches. Cortana is also in the mix, with activation by saying “OK Cortana”. There’s also an analog keyboard, that allows users to write on the smartwatch and it comes with handwriting recognition, for each of the letters you draw.

This also reminds me of what Apple did with its Watch. Anyway, this watch also offers the possibility of answering or declining calls with a single swipe up or down. There are 3 choices for the strap of the watch: orange, light blue and grey matte. What do you think of these ideas? Would Windows 10 work on a smartwatch? I like the music player and main UI to be honest.

Windows 10 smartwatch concept 3

Windows 10 smartwatch concept 4

Windows 10 smartwatch concept 5

[via Behance]

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