Windows Phone 10 Render Makes Everything Transparent and More Fluid

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Deviantart user NuryRush has created a Windows Phone 10 concept, but didn’t reveal too much about it. We know it includes a transparent set of tiles, a very big tile size for Cortana and a few other nifty elements.

windows phone 10 concept

We get a blue theme here and tiles that are clearly separated between themselves. The UI feels cohesive and apparently it’s divided into sections, like Start screen and other screens. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a continuously scrolling screen, both vertically and horizontally, with tabs in the mix, although that may be confusing. It could feel like a desktop OS on a phone…

The one thing that MUST change in Windows Phone 10 is the way Settings look and feel. We can’t have a huge vertical list any longer and nor can we wonder around the settings. The solution would be a tabbed system or maybe categories and subcategories of settings, more compacted.

[via Deviantart]

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