It’s Official! This is the First Windows 11 Concept: Project Microsoft Mico

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Swedish designer Viktor Hammarberg is the very first designer to imagine Windows 11 as a concept, or at least the first one we know of. He has imagined a fictional concept design of Microsoft Mico, a handset that runs Windows 11 for mobile.

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 concept 1

The phone seems more like a placeholder that showcases a brand new UI and a new approach. We’ve got a 15 megapixel camera here with a “slight fisheye built in” and flash. Microsoft Mico has the Windows logo embedded with fluorescent lights and can also be used as a small screen for selfie reference at the back side. Viktor also included an “Every” button, that once clicked functions as a Back button and if double clicked functions as a Home button.

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 concept 2

You can hold the button 1 second for lock and hold 5 seconds for off. HD speakers and microphone are available here and the screen is curved and features an edge to edge approach. This is a Retina HD display, that covers the entire facade. As far as the UI goes, the tiles have returned, in 3D fashion and looking more flat now. What do you think of this Windows 11 concept? Also be sure to access the Behance page of the designer, to view more images of the renders.

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 concept 3

Microsoft Mico Windows 11 concept 4

[via Behance]

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