Surface Phone Concept Idea is Back, With a Full Metal Body

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Surface Phones have been an interesting topic on this website, especially when Microsoft didn’t have its own hardware arm, able to make its own phones. Now they have the Lumias and they’ve found the courage to make their own laptop, a very solid one. And here we are with the fourth gen Surface Pro tablet and still no trace of a Surface Phone. This is where concepts come into play…

microsoft surface phone concept october 2015

Windows Central Forum member psycodelic has posted the Surface Phone render above, with what looks like a metallic shell, narrow bezels and an almost mirror like logo at the back. The camera is pretty discrete and fits within the design approach of the Lumia 950 XL rather than the Lumia 950. The design is rather rectangular, with rounded corners and prominent buttons.

From what I see there are capacitive buttons below the display and Cortana gets its own logo on the dedicated button trigger. I have no problem with the actual device, but rather with the whole idea behind it. Why would someone buy this and not a Lumia 950? And also why not buy this one and ditch the Lumias? What can be the selling point here? Iris scanner, Continuum, some sort of cool gaming feature? What do you think of this Windows 10 version Surface Phone?

[via Windows Central Forums]

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  • rizki purwanto

    Look at my comment…?
    Surface Phone will blow your mind….IF SURFACE PHONE CONCEPT is based on ASUS PADFONE CONCEPT…Do you Know What I Mean?
    Asus padfone combine a tablet as the dock and the smartphone for the Android Core System…
    Continuum feature on windows 10 mobile will be MORE EXCITED… EVEN Microsoft can create KEYBOARD ACCESSORIES for “THE TABLET DOCK” (the tablet has some more additional batteries).. Make it feels like THE SURFACE PRO TABLET PC…
    AND “THE SURFACE PIN” (a slim version SURFACE PEN Design that can be inserted to the Surface phone like SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE)
    The Microsoft Ad has done deceive us that SURFACE BOOK is just a Laptop, Obviously, it also can turn to be a 2 in 1 Laptop-Tablet.
    Microsoft can do this again. First, they will try introducing their NEW SURFACE PRO LINE UP… Then, In the Middle they will blow our mind again that “What! there is a Surface Phone inside of the Tablet, Waw… Awesome…!!!“ That’s the way SURFACE PHONE will be released
    What do you Guys think? If you like this of My idea… reply… Share to all the way, all browsers, all concept designers, all blogs, all news websites, until Microsoft know about this… and Watch Out!!!! They will love it too… 🙂

  • Jenish pj

    Something I always wanted from Microsoft I still have hopes. Thanks for the artist

  • Jenish pj

    Something I always wanted from Microsoft I still have hopes. Thanks for the artist for this render