So, is the Surface Phone Real or Not?

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There have been ups and downs related to Microsoft’s projects lately. On one hand we’ve got the cancellation of the Intel Atom series, that may spell doom for the Surface Phone and then there are rumors it’ll come with 8 GB of RAM and in 3 versions in 2017.


This will be a premium flagship, with high end specs and the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile. The device is going to pretty much replace Lumias, that are meant to be canned as well. The 3 versions of the Surface Phone will be Consumer, Business and prosumer, according to people in the know. Continuum will also be a major part of the project, as well as a very good camera, inherited from the Lumias.

Microsoft’s “Nexus” will also be the first to bring out the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU, according to another rumor and this also aligns with giving up on the Intel Atom, so it makes sense. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is seen as a landmark and rival for the next Surface Phone, so they may compete with huge amounts of RAM and Quad HD or even 4K screens.

In the end the Surface Phone has the “PC replacement” thing and Continuum as an excuse to provide 8 GB of RAM. What’s Samsung’s excuse?

[via Pocket Lint/ Deviantart]

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