Surface Phone Revision Gets Fresh Teaser From Phone Designer

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Designer Jonas Daehnert, going by the name of Phone Designer has created a series of Lumia models and Surface Phone concepts, but today we’ve got a revision of one such render. It’s simply called the Surface Phone concept revision 3, that gets teased below.

Surface Phone concept revision 2016 1

It seems to be a modular affair, with a removable camera portion and metallic pins to make contact between the parts. The way that module is inserted reminds me of the good old days of the GameBoy and its cartridges. Modules seem very slim and small here and I’m guessing you could stack more of them on top of each other.

Surface Phone concept revision 2016 2

It’s yet unclear how you can remove the module, either by pressing it and pushing it gently, or simply by pulling some small lever on the side or close to it. The camera is only the beginning and I’d see an extra battery, speaker and an improved CPU or storage.

[via Phone Designer]

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