Seriously, What’s the Deal With Nokia Swan!?

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I’m a keen observer of all the comments you post and all the love and hate you have for the concepts we post. However, I find it stunning that every week and often times every day I get new comments on the Nokia Swan concept from last year… And many of them come from India.

Nokia Swan concept design 2016 (1)

This tells me two things: Nokia is still very much beloved in India and there’s a big desire for a Nokia hybrid. The Nokia Swan concept design is created by Dani Vinh, from Vietnam and it’s a two in one model: phablet and tablet. Specs are overkill, such as the 42 megapixel camera, 128 GB of storage and the more modest quad core CPU.

Nokia Swan concept design 2016 (2)

The designer created this model using the Maxon Cinema 4D software and envisions it as a phablet with an edge to edge screen, that once opened up, becomes a sort of laptop. The back seems covered with leather, so elegance is also a thing. By the way it’s quite funny nobody noticed we have HTC Sense as the UI here…

Nokia Swan concept design 2016 (3)

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