MOTO RAZR 2019 Gets the Leak Everybody Has Been Waiting For: Promotional Renders

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Motorola has already confirmed it’s going to bring back the MOTO RAZR on November 13rd as a foldable phone. A special event has been planned on that date and today we finally get an idea of what’s coming, courtesy of a few leaks of renders and images.

The core sources of the leaks are Evan Blass and Mobiel Kopen. What they obtained are basically promotional pictures for the device and some of them look like they were taken from a promotional video. MOTO RAZR 2019 is indeed a clamshell, with an exterior screen and two internal screens. There’s what seems to be a Home button or fingerprint scanner on the rather large chin of the device.

It’s also more compact than expected, but also rather beefy in waistline. The camera also looks a bit weird at the back, but at least it doesn’t protrude a lot. This device is inspired by the Morola RAZR V3 from back in 2004. It’s supposed to have a flexible 6.2 inch OLED screen, that folds down the middle and uses a minimalistic hinge. In spite of the unusual looks and design, this is going to be a midrange phone.

It’ll still cost $1500 and it comes with a Snapdragon 730 CPU, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Aside from nostalgia I can’t quite see a selling point. The difference here is that Nokia sells nostalgia for dozens of bucks, while Motorola wants to charge us $1500 for a clamshell… a mere clamshell. Samsung also did something similar with the Galaxy W series, but at least those were high end models.

We’ll learn more on November 13th…

[via Mobiel Kopen/ Evan Blass]

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