Motorola Nexus Plus Handset Concept is a Google Nexus Phone for the Masses

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While everyone is talking about a budget iPhone, let’s try thinking about a budget Nexus Phone. These Google devices are usually low priced, but how about lower? Cristophe Simeon took that idea into account, when he created the Motorola Nexus Plus handset. This is the same designer that brought us the stunning Samsung NxT super smartphone.


The device has capacitive pads at the bottom and top, with these areas being used for gaming and web surfing. Nexus Plus is built using magnesium, like the Surface tablet, while the back is machined carbon. The screen is protected by secured glass, in order to make it resilient to scratches and rough contacts.

This smartphone seems to be very thin and compact and also feels longer than any other handset I’ve seen lately. Nexus Plus measures 8.5 mm in thickness, it has an infrared port, a front 2 MP camera, a back 13 megapixel camera and a notifications capacitive pad. There’s also dual stereo speakers at the front, a Snapdragon 800 CPU inside and a 5 inch TFT LCD display with Full HD resolution. Is this good enough to be a Nexus 5?

[Thanks Cristophe Simeon]