10 ways to protect your business from phishing scams

Due to the rise in digital marketing and online businesses, there has been a drastic increase in phishing scams. This scamming involved huge profits for the scammers. Phishing is one of the cyber crimes which have been pragmatically started from the beginning of the internet.  

According to Symantec research, it is found that in the year 2020, 1 in every 4,200 emails was a phishing scam. Luckily, there are numerous ways to protect your business from falling prey.

One of the highly adopted methods in a phishing scam is to protect it by VPN. VPN helps a lot in boosting cybersecurity with a budget-friendly approach.

While data is stored digitally nowadays and online business transactions are made daily. However, the online business is at high risk of cyberattackers.

What is a Phishing scam?

The phishing scam is one of the cyberattacks. It is an email scam that sends to the target customer, which seems to be from a prominent source.

 Many types of Phishing scams include Tech support phishing scams, clone phishing scams, spear-phishing scams, and whale phishing scams. Here are some of the ways to protect your business from phishing scams.

  • Download Security Tools and Softwares:

           Using security tools and software is the most initial thing to prevent your business from phishing scams as it helps you recognize these hackers. Moreover, software like antivirus software, Cloud email security programs, protocol, and web filters prevent users from accessing malicious software. 

  •  Updated Tools And Software Programs:

Making your online security tools and security programs updated lessens the chance of falling into the phishing scam. It is important to update the tools and software whenever it is needed. Updating the security tools will help you to prevent phishing scams. The other software needs to be well-updated, like operating systems, internet extensions, browsers, and apps.

  • Using A VPN:

Using a VPN will protect companies and businesses from numerous cyberattacks, ransomware, and malicious malware. It encrypts the traffic and hides it from third-party observers so that the user’s identity becomes anonymous. 

Hence, much online security means protecting online employees working remotely, doing financial transactions, and doing other business activities. 

These VPNs have high-graded protocols like CyberGhost has Military Grade encryption which is known to be one of the secure level VPNs due to its high graded protocols like IKEv2/ IPSec, which provide a secure VPN channel for the communication between peer VPN devices.

  •  Daily Software Checkups:

Always check your security software and tools will help to protect from a huge loss like data prevention in case of a cyberattack. 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, prevents your data from being accessed by cybercriminals. It helps to make your account protected from stealing sensitive information. 

  • Additional Security Layering: 

Firewalls, anti-spam filters with sandboxing, and DNS leakage filtering are important security layers that help build additional security. It works to maintain protection even if the user tumbles in by clicking the phishing scam hyperlink. 

  • Protocol Layering Protection:

There are also many protocol layering protection software that helps to prevent phishing scams. This security provider software uses a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) that protects against phishing ransomware, inbound email security, and malicious site hyperlinks sent through phishing emails.

  • Schedule to Change Password:

Make it a habit to change passwords regularly. Doing this will help to protect users’ information from stealing. Switching your password is said to be the first defense strategy against cyberattackers.

  • Data Security Platforms: 

These data security platforms keep companies and business owners updated on data security threats which helps the user prevent huge losses, even if a user falls into a trap by clicking the phishing hyperlinks. 

These platforms are well equipped with automated response software, so these security platforms respond in no time and prevent data breaches.

  • Other Ways:

Many other phishing attacks affect the business software, like spoofing techniques that make you sound strange. But yes, scammers use it by making an email similar to the person, company, or business the users comprehend most. So it might easily make companies and business owners fall trapped in these, so make sure to check this out.

Cyber Intelligence Education is also one of the main components of the business’s protection. Try to educate and organize security awareness training in numerous ways to help the companies protect from future loss.

Reporting is the least important issue while protecting businesses from phishing and other cyber attacks. Try to rectify these phishing scammers’ tactics and what content these scammers are using so it might help to recognize these attackers in the future.

Other than that, check website security because some sites contain malicious files, so try to prevent it at the whole cost. Moreover, Beware of the pop-ups because these add-ons are also major factors leading to phishing attacks.


In short, phishing is a common but dangerous cyberattack practiced worldwide, making the victim suffer financially and mentally. Thus, the details mentioned earlier might help the audience convey the dispatch and give prevention tips for businesses from online scamming. 

To ensure protection from cyber attacks, the company or business owners firstly make themselves updated so that it helps them to prevent additional future losses.

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