Recent Fruit Slots Machines to Play

If you’re a huge fan of slot machines just like us, your experiences probably date back to your first epic fruit slots machine spin – try Red Tiger Gaming. Generally they’re quite old-fashioned and represent icons of the uprising of slot machines in the 20th century, but fruit slot machines are still around and available to play today!

Want to check out some of the most recent ones? Then read on to find out more! We’re going to be taking a look at:

–          Grand Spinn

–          Mega Flip

–          Reel Rush

Grand Spinn

Firstly we thought we would begin with one of our absolute favourite slot game developers, NetEnts. In 2019 they brought us this fantastic fruit-themed slot machine entitled Grand Spinn! We really like the imagery used for the fruit symbols in this instalment. Forget the cartoon-like fruit found in old-school fruit machines, Grand Spinn has gone for a photo-realistic, luxury fruit concept. We love this game – it seems simple on the surface but play for a while and you’ll uncover tons of bonus features. NetEnt have smashed it, and we expected nothing less!

Mega Flip

Mega Flip is a game from Relax Gaming that offer a far more classic approach to fruit machines, including tons of cartoon-like fruit symbols on a blocky tetris/arcade-esq theme. It doesn’t look quite as nice as Grand Spinn, but it’s certainly a cool take on the fruit! This classic from 2020 has tons of statistics that are pretty tempting:

–          The game boasts 5 reels and 4 rows

–          The RTP is 96.2%

–          The maximum multiplier is 5943x the original bet, wowzers!

The game also offers tons of bonus features, free spins, re-spins, the list goes on. We wouldn’t say that Mega Flip offers anything innovative, but that’s exactly why we love it.

Reel Rush

We love all fruit machines equally but we have to say that NetEnts truly kill it in the fruit machine game. Reel Rush is yet another recent NetEnts fruit machine, although this one is a little older being released in 2013. However, we still feel like it deserves a mention because despite being over 8 years old, this game would truly pass as a brand-new fruit machine game! It was hugely ahead of it’s time back in 2013, and even today we would still say that it is our favourite fruit machine game released in the last 10 years – now THAT is saying something! We don’t want to ruin too much about this one, you’re just going to have to find out yourself. Let’s just say the gameplay is pucka, the graphics are sleek and the whole game runs super smooth. Thank you NetEnts, kings of the fruit machines!

Fruit Slots in 2021

Overall, it’s definitely becoming less common to discover a new fruit machine slot game – they’re never going to die out, but companies definitely favour futuristic games instead. However, it’s super great to see NetEnts and Relax Gaming continuing to carry the torch and keep fruit machines alive. Give these games a try, and keep your eyes peeled for the next massive fruit machine game of 2021!

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