10 Well-known Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

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It is said that names play a vital role in the success of one’s life. Also, it is the right of the newly born to be given a proper name. Therefore, parents have to select a name for their kids prudently. Names often tell about one’s ethnic origin. Names are a thing that remains with the kid throughout their life and helps them get an identity in society.

If you are looking for well-known baby girl names with their meanings and origin, then you are on the exact right spot. CocoFinder has made it easier for the audience to select a suitable and subtle name for their child. Also, if you are looking for baby boy names starting with Z, you can find them at CocoFinder. 

Well-known Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

Names are words that play a fundamental character in one’s life. They eventually have a significant impact on every aspect of one’s life. 

Parents often find names and their proper meanings, so to help them, CocoFinder has arranged the popular names of both genders alphabetically. Click here and head to the official page of CocoFinder to learn more about it.

  1. Zoey

Zoey is a female name of Greek origin, meaning ‘Life.’ Actually, it is the Greek Jewish translation of the name Eve. There are many variant names for this name, such as Zoey, Zoi, Zoee, Zoie, etc. It is famous primarily among Christians. 

The lucky number for the name Zoey is 9. These people are very intellectual, industrious, and do have orchestration qualities. All in all, a person named Zoey is very creative and loves to create new things.

  1. Zara 

Zara is a female name whose meaning is ‘radiance.’ This name has multiple origins. Still, it is the variant of Zarah, an Arabic name meaning ‘blooming roots.’ It is a pretty well-known name around the globe but has more known in Islam due to its religious values.  

The name Zara is trendy in countries such as England, Ireland, Australia, Wales, etc., even it is placed among the top 100 names over there. It is popular in the U.K. because princess Anne named her daughter Zara and it eventually boosted the name Zara into upper-class status.

The most popular Irish names right now for girls are Saoirse, Aoife, Fiadh, Caoimhe, but these are traditional names. Names like Molly and Erin are actually easier to user.

  1. Zuri 

Zuri is a name-bearing African origin and means beautiful in Swahili. It was not a very well-known name in the 1880s but has become quite well known in recent years. The lucky number of Zuri is 11. 

It is very popular among Hindu people. The people named Zuri are incredibly intuitive and idealistic. They are spiritually firm and surely know how to tackle any situation. Also, they have the sight to see the bigger picture and possess the skill to inspire others on a spiritual level.

  1. Zelda 

Zelda, in actual terms, is a short name for Griselda. Which originally means dark battle or strong woman; therefore combined to mean Grey fighting maiden. It is also the feminine form of the Yiddish name Selig which means blessed, happy.

The origin of this name in Germany. It is a Christian name and is mainly named among Christian girls. The lucky number for this name, according to numerologists, is 9. The girls of this name are courageous and strong and have an inspiring personality. 

  1. Zilpah

Zilpah means ‘frailty’ or ‘a drop’  and comes from Hebrew origin. Also, according to history, Zilpah is one of the four arch-mothers of Israel. Zilpah was Leah’s maid who became Jacob’s concubine and gave birth to Asher and Gad.

The lucky number for this name is 9. The people named Zilpah are very fragile, idealistic, and romantic. Moreover, they think that love means suffering, so they often get hurt while serving their mate. 

  1.  Zahrah 

Zahrah is the female name. It is spelled as Zahra in Latin script. It is a familiar name corresponding to around three distinct but related implications relying on the language of the place where it is famous. The most known meaning of this name is beautiful. 

The Ottoman Empire took this name to countries like Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania. Also, this name gained popularity in the subcontinent by the influence of the Persian empire. 

The people named Zahra are influential and have personalities. They know how to admire others with their skills. And are also very beautiful spiritually.

  1. Zaria

Zaria is a feminine name-bearing of Arabic origin. The meaning of this name is Beautiful, scattering wind. Also, it is prevalent among Muslims. The lucky number associated with the name Zaira is 6. 

In actual terms, Zaria is a variant of the Hebrew name Sarah, Slavic name Zarya and Arabic name Zarya. As per the meaning of this name, the persons named Zaria are also lovely in person. They are very creative, cognitive, and art-loving. 

  1. Zora 

Zora is a name from Silvic origin,art-loving, meaning sunrise or dawn. Its meaning clearly explains the expected importance of the name on the character and personality. As per the numerology predictions is number 6. 

People living in the UK, USA, Arab, Canada usually name their baby girls Zora. It is a very attractive name giving a charming personality to the person whose name it is. The popularity of this name started back in 2016; before, not many people used to name their kids Zora.

  1. Zinnia

Zinnia is a female name having a Latin origin. The meaning of this name is Flower.

Zinnia is primarily common in Christians. The lucky number associated with this name is 1.

The nicknames for this name are Zin, Nia, Zia, or Zinny.

It is mainly used in English-speaking countries but is also famous in other languages and regions. It will be a great choice if you choose to name your kid Zennia since it is a charming and earthly name. 

  1. Zella

Zella is a name that means blessed, happy. It has a Yiddish origin. It is a meaningful name that describes personality traits as well. The lucky number associated with this name is 5. It is a widespread name among Christians.

The very popular nicknames for this name are Zee, Zell or Elle, etc.  The people named Zella are very observant and look deep into all matters, and are considered blessed and lucky in all aspects of life.


We have listed the best well-known names of baby girls starting with the letter Z. Choose the name you think is best for your child and give her the first gift of her life. Also, do let us know how much this article was helpful for you. We shall be anticipating your feedback. 

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