Best Free Software for Students 2021

Everything has shifted towards technology, and so has education. Students need to work on different software to ensure they complete their work efficiently. The software market has widened, and many of them cost a lot. We are here with the five best free software easy on the pocket and work like a charm!

Cold Turkey is Here to Rid You of Distractions

After the entire day of studying and working side by side, many students don’t have the energy or desire to sit on their laptops and prepare an assignment for submission. It might sound easy, but we all know it’s impossible to force someone to do something if they don’t have the energy to do so.

Students often feel distracted by social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, we can’t blame them. They study a lot, and at the end of the day, everyone wants to see what’s going on in the world. But if there is a submission deadline approaching, you must prioritize your assessment over relaxation. 

If you feel you are distracted within seconds, then Cold Turkey is the right free software for students. You will never be distracted during the preparation of a presentation or homework anymore. Cold Turkey ensures you don’t act upon the sudden urge to check your social media while working. It temporarily blocks you from checking or using particular websites or the internet in general for a specific period. Once the time begins, you can bid farewell to all distractive websites and work in peace. What a great way to keep one focused, right?

However, if there is too much on your plate and there is a lack of time, you might find yourself asking, “can someone write my paper for me?”. Find an online writing service to complete your task and take a break from using your laptop; then, you can continue with the help of Cold Turkey on the rest of your assessments.

Google Sheets and Docs Makes Collaborations Easy

On your journey to find the best software for college students, make sure you give Google Sheets a try. It is a pretty straightforward program and aids students who want to prepare presentations, documents, or basic spreadsheets online. You might feel like it isn’t too advanced, but you will find all the essential tools you need to work on college tasks. Here is a list of the basic features it offers:

  • Text editing 
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Colour
  • Heading levels
  • Cell editing 
  • Inserting figures, graphs, and tables

You can even go ahead and upload files from your computer to edit them. Be it XLS, DOCS, or PPT, and you can easily upload the file. Here’s the catch: you can share the files you upload easily with your peers if you are working as a team. Be it XLS, DOCS, or PPT, and you can easily upload the file. Collaborating on projects and group tasks becomes more accessible by ten folds! You can send invites and allow people to view and edit the files. Every step is saved automatically, so you don’t have to fear battery drainage or a drop in internet connectivity. It is a very convenient free software for college students.

Prey is Here to the Rescue

Imagine losing your laptop or someone stealing it. It is a real-life nightmare for students. There’s a lot at stake if you lose your computer. Everything is stored inside it; so many assignments, presentations, backups, and course material. But no need to fear anymore. Prey is software free for forgetful students and has their whole life stored on their laptops. 

Photo Of Code Projected Over Woman

The program can track down devices and notify the owner as soon as someone takes the laptop out of a certain radius. Moreover, the program marks the device as missing, starts taking screenshots of the activity through the camera, and sends the images. There will also be status updates regarding the location of the device. Furthermore, you can remotely lock the device if you feel your data is under threat.

Canva Brings Out Creativity

Canva is a free student software that is compatible with IOS, MAC, Android, and Windows. If you are a student with a design major and have a knack for creativity, then Canva is your helping hand. It is an online tool that allows students to edit and design images. You can take a lot from the free features available; however, you will have to pay for the premium version for more features. But the ones you already have are great as a student and can make tasks more manageable.

A creative degree requires you to make pro-looking images, and this tool is surely going to aid that. You can score a much better grade by using it. Let’s not forget that you will have a much-exalted reputation in the eyes of your teacher with the quality of work you present by using this software for student.

Zoom is Here with Meetings

How can we not have zoon on our list of college softwares for students out there? Zoom has been the most significant help in terms of online meetings, classes, and lectures. All you need is a laptop or mobile with a camera, and zoom allows you to hold professional meetings as well as fun video calls and chats with your friends and family.

Child Taking Classes Online

It is a user-friendly software that is easy to use and doesn’t have much of a complicated layout. It provides a brilliant experience while using the app as well. It is a secure program, and if you don’t want to pay for video calls, it allows you countless sessions of 40-minute conferences with up to a hundred participants. The best part is that you can share your screen and have privacy features such as a blurring effect! It is one of the most advanced computer programs for students.

Save Your Notes with Evernote

Free programs for students are incomplete without Evernote. Storing research notes has never been easier. Evernote will let you hold around 60MBs of data a month! You can also sync across two different devices. That’s not it, and the program will allow you to share these notes and entire books with your peers. Whatever you clip will be searchable by others. Libraries and IT centers that don’t have the app can also access your notes as Evernote has an interface!


Make your life easy with the help of these five free software and complete all your assignments on time in the most efficient way with the countless free features that these programs offer! Without further ado, rush to satisfy all your tasks to give yourself time to balance out other things in life.

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