Elephone Shows QQ Concept Phone to Fans, Asks for Feedback

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Elephone is a company that may well be the next OnePlus, since I keep hearing about them. They’re a Chinese outfit making handsets and recently they’ve started showing off a concept phone.

Elephone QQ concept phone 1

It’s called Elephone QQ and it’s pictured in this article. Keep in mind that this naming pattern is not final, so it’s not going to be called QQ. We can see an unique pattern on the back and some leather patches in the mix as well. Elephone has decided for a 5.3 inch screen to be here, a strange option for a screen nowadays, with popular 5, 5.2 an 5.5 inchers so big out there.

Elephone QQ concept phone 2

The concept from Elephone looks a bit plasticky and somehow reminds me of that multi layered Lenovo youthful phone from last year. The segmented back with that interesting texture either has a purpose or it’s there for kicks. It may suggest modularity, since those segments may come apart, but let’s not speculate too much here and wait for further clues. One thing’s for sure: Elephone will have a great pricing for this model.

Elephone QQ concept phone 3

Elephone QQ concept phone 4

[via gadgetz.tv]

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