How to watch your favorite Netflix shows on your Phone while Travelling

Times have changed!

You can nearly take anything you dream of with you on the road. And if you are travelling, you don’t have to put away the fancy list of your favorite shows. Binge-watching may be what will make your travelling enjoyable.

The unique thing is that you’re not limited to using your Smart TV or laptop to watch shows. You can use your phone too.


You don’t have to wonder where to access the media you want. Netflix is your home for all seasons. Below are ways to catch up without favorites and make your travelling more exciting. But, it’s not easy as it seems; you need to plan ahead of your visit.

1. Download your favorite shows on your phone

Download the shows you need from your Netflix app. You should ensure the app is updated. If you don’t have an app, search for it on your Android Marketplace. While the latter is free, remember you will need to pay for the subscription to have a wide range of options.

You can filter the titles you need as not everything is downloadable. It makes sense to get your downloads way before you hit the road. The main idea is to watch them offline later. You could be on a flight where the internet connection may be compromised. Again, you can also minimize your use of a cellular network.

2. Use of VPN

Some of those who have ever crossed the border and wanted a way to minimize boredom with their favorite shows or movies but had no VPN have a story to tell.

If you want to enjoy your favorite shows without buffering, consider using a VPN. With a VPN, you can change Netflix location and make it possible to access shows that could only be available from your country or location.

It’s worth noting that not every VPN has the capability to knock down Netflix restrictions. Some VPN works best compared to others, for instance, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, ProtonVPN works well. With these, master the art of unblocking. You can consider investing in a reliable VPN.

Sometimes it feels a bit unfair, you have already subscribed to the streaming service, but you cannot get whatever you need anywhere. But see, you only get what you asked for in your country of origin; licensing rights obligations remain.

The bottom line is Netflix will do all it can to keep you off from using a VPN, while the service providers are working day and night to ensure you get everything you need on the streaming giant.

3. Use Portable WIFI

If there is any treat you can offer yourself while travelling, it’s to have a portable WIFI. 

This is extremely important, especially where you may have internet interruptions. With this, you can still enjoy a seamless streaming experience. It would also be economical to have the portable WIFI, especially if you are travelling in a location where the internet could be an issue.

Before setting off, make sure your phone can connect with the WIFI device to avoid disappointments. With a stable internet connection, you get a better viewing experience. Note that one disadvantage with Netflix is that it may not provide the right quality of shows if the internet connection is slow.

5. Unlimited Data Plan

Unfortunately, loads of data are used when streaming shows using a phone. If you spend an hour streaming HD shows, you are likely to use up to 3GB of data. But in an era where every trick is possible, you can use the allowance allowed by service providers to get the best out of your phone. You don’t want your internet bill to spill out of your hands.

The fact is that streaming uses a lot of data, but one way to work around this is to use mobile-optimized streaming. You can enjoy your favorite shows while using a fraction of your mobile data. You don’t have to be limited by the amount of data on your phone

Again, you can use your smartphone’s unlimited plan. Make sure your plan can accommodate all the streaming. You may find yourself spending more on the cellular network than you could imagine. Most smartphones are compatible with 4G, LTE, or any plan to help you stream without fear of overages.

4. Get iTunes app

If you are an already existing Netflix member, you can use iTunes to buy Netflix shows. You can click on the pop-up menu, search for your favorite TV shows, and then save them on the navigation bar. Note that this may only be available for existing Netflix members as the streaming app no longer supports iTunes payments from new or rejoining members.

Wrapping Up

Netflix remains the top choice streaming platform for many. One is because you don’t need to be a technical guru to operate it. Also, there are no commercials. Most of all, you get original content such as Mandeville, Archive 81, In From the Cold, Juvenile Justice, among others. It’s far ahead compared to its competitors.

If you do have any list of your favorite shows, Netflix keeps on recommending what they think you’ll love. With an extensive list of popular shows such as All of Us Are Dead, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Chosen, The Fame Game, etc., you’ll definitely have something to watch.  You can make your own entertainment system while travelling.

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