Importance Of SMS Text automation For Your Business

Today, several companies are using SMS text automation for their business as they have understood its importance in business and marketing. In fact, several industries such as finance and technology services also use SMS as a way to send a confirmation text to their clients and also have text message OTPs for two-factor authentication. 

Although SMS text automation is increasingly becoming popular, not many are fully aware of its advantages and use it to boost their business. But before we discuss the importance and pros of this service, let’s first understand what it is. In simple words, it is the action of automatically sending a text message to individuals or groups of customers without having much manual intervention. 

With text automation, you can perform a number of tasks, including improving customer engagement, increasing customer satisfaction through texts like instant SMS responses, and helping with customer retention through text that notifies the customer to renew subscriptions. It can also help lower support and operational costs by giving customers pre-delivery confirmation texts. 

With these advantages and more, it’s becoming more crucial by the day to use SMS text automation for your businesses, big or small.

Importance Of SMS Text automation

The following reasons are why SMS text automation is needed for every business to run efficiently. 

  • Boosts conversions and sales

    With these automated texts, you can constantly be present in your customer’s minds. You can convert a potential client into a real one by sending automated SMS texts such as welcome and hello texts along with abandoned cart SMS or completing your purchase texts. 

You can also keep in constant touch with your customers and increase satisfaction by sending them personalized birthday and anniversary SMS as well as annual event reminders. You can also send texts such as service expiry reminders and renewal alerts for subscriptions to boost customer retention and renewals. Learn more

  • Automated text messaging interrogates with CRM tools

    For those unversed, CMR refers to customer relationship management. These tools help you understand your customer better by helping you categorize them as potential leads, tracking the journey of the customer, and more.

Automated texts work with CRM tools to help you stay connected with the customers at every point. By integrating the two you can send SMS messages as part of your sales process, communicate with customers directly from your CRM, can perform two-factor authentication and PIN codes, and even perform mass text marketing campaigns.

  • Delivers data feedback at the right time

    Sometimes a company can get too many customer service emails. But with SMS text automation, you can deliver feedback when it is essential. Through it, you can send personalized and thoughtful texts and this helps you to manage your time better as you don’t have to perform repetitive tasks. Besides this, you can also send surveys and rating texts to your customers from time to time to understand what feedback they have about your business.
  • Analyzes customer journey stages

    One of the best ways to understand where your customer is at through their sales journey is through SMS automation. Through it, you can understand where your customer is at and can use this information to your advantage and send personalized texts. A business can implement well-thought actions and send messages that help you bond better with your consumer.

    For instance, as soon as a client visits your website or logs in with their mobile information, the automated message goes out and through their cycle, the same process follows. Every time they make a purchase, they get an automated text. Or when they forget items in the cart, they get another text. You can also automate messages to remind them about their renewals or remind them to visit the app because of special deals.
  • Preventing risk via SMS automation

    Through SMS automation, you can avoid tons of risks in a business, such as managing stock level thresholds, technology faults, or exposure of sensitive data. So when business rules are breached, or emergencies take place, system-generated text messages that monitor business applications can send out SMS alerts. For example, if the company is currently not providing a service temporarily, they can send a text to all their customers, preventing the risk of losing a customer.

    Besides this, as mentioned already, SMS automation can be used to enhance security and prevent the risk of online hacking. With it, you can automatically handle two-factor authentication (2FA), when customers are remote or for basic website logging in.
  • Cost-effective tool

    You can exponentially reduce your business costs by integrating text automation. It helps you take down the expenses in internal and external communication, both. Compared to the costs of marketing via TV and print, which is high for any business, SMS automation texts are highly cost-effective, with messages costing little to nothing. As such, this solution is not only more cost-effective but also offers a much higher ROI (Return on Investment). That means, even with a small budget a start-up also could reach thousands of potential customers quickly with minimum effort.

Well, these are not the only advantages of having SMS text automation for your business. They can also help you develop greater brand loyalty, provide immediate communication and manage risk, attract new customers, increase overall sales, and so much more. These automated texts are also trackable and can be analyzed, so you can gauge what messages work for your customers and what to avoid sending. Most of all, it is a more efficient way of delivering your message as mobile phones with SMS services don’t come with a spam folder. This way, you know the messages are reaching your customer. Lastly, it’s also super easy to send, making it a great global marketing tool as it can reach millions. 

With that, we reach the end of our article and we hope our detailed guide helped you understand why every business needs to take advantage of the benefits that SMS text automation offer. 

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